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We propose a concept that makes CO2 capture a distributed waste management activity we all perform, rather than leaving it up to large industrial scale projects. In this concept, we submit that city buildings are able support collection modules, and the collected gas can be captured in sorbents or converted into useful materials such as solid carbon.

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A dual axis solar tracker is a device that serves as the scaffold to support photovoltaic cells and maintain their orientation to the sun accurately throughout every day of the year. The largest portion of the cost for a solar tracker is primarily the cost of structural materials, and in particular steel. Our proposal centers on a design that reduces the amount of steel required for a high performance sun tracking platform, reducing cost more than 30% without sacrificing the current functionality of a dual axis solar tracker. Our design also supports the use of alternative rigid structural materials such as bamboo in regions of the world where bamboo use improves the economics over steel.

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