CSR-i is a new service that helps organizations identify talent, foster internal innovation and promote diversity, all the while assisting qualified immigrants obtain their first professional job experience in their new country.


The program relies on the unique value that only Internationally-Trained Professionals (ITPs) can bring to the innovation exercise. ITPs are individuals with undergraduate and graduate degrees coupled with at least 7 years of professional working experience. However, due to lack of “local experience” the majority of these qualified candidates remain underemployed for as long as 5 years after arriving to their new country.

Our program effectively transforms this pool of qualified professionals into a unique international and multidisciplinary innovation asset.


  1. Talent Scouting
    Envisioning Labs scouts for ITPs with our partners of MOSAIC, ISSofBC, Red Global MX and the Vancouver Innovation Labs.

  2. Project Selection
    The organization decides the nature of the project (normally non-critical projects), and designates employee(s) to participate in the training.
  3. Innovation Workshop
    Envisioning Labs trains 4 ITPs + 1 or 2 employees on systematic innovation methodologies. Participants work together to build a prototype of an innovation.
  4. Presentation & Deliverables
    Participants present to key stakeholders a proof of concept of a new product, service or experience. Employees are trained in innovation methodologies.



  • Opportunity to evaluate potential candidates for current or future vacancies
  • Cost-effective way to explore organization's ‘wish-lists’ and determine viability
  • Prototype (proof of concept) of a new product, service or experience
  • Innovation Training for up to two employees
  • Final Innovation Report
  • Presentation deck of the prototype 
  • Assisting immigrants in obtaining their first professional "local" experience



  • Paid innovation training that helps boost professional skills
  • Acquisition of first professional "local" experience 
  • Intensive, teamwork interaction while delivering results to a real client
  • Regulated professionals are also encouraged to participate to enhance their employability for alternative careers



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