How much does this training cost? 
Please contact us to determine professional fees. 


How could this program be part of our social responsibility budget?
There is a direct investment into a social cause that is pervasive across 45% percent of the population of new Canadians. The vast majority of immigrants are highly qualified professionals that are not landing a job because they lack “Canadian job experience”. Your organization will be boosting their employability and therefore making a positive impact into the overall job marketplace.


What type of “innovation” projects are suitable for this program?
Non-critical projects are ideal for this program, that is, projects that belong to the ‘wish list’ of the organization where there hasn’t been time, resources or commitment to explore these options further. Some example of projects that ITPs had worked on in the past include: improving the front desk customer service experience, fostering diversity dialogue and learning transfer, and streamlining internal training for employees. These projects are normally complex in nature and benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to provide ‘out of the box’ solutions.


How do we select these ‘innovation’ projects?
Our consultants work with clients to scope the innovation project one or two weeks prior to the start of the training. 


Are my employees required to work full time on this training?
Ideally yes since employees are trained on innovation methodologies that are best experienced through a hands-on approach. However, we understand that is difficult to commit resources for that long. Contact us for assessing how to best customize this program for your organization’s needs.


What about intellectual property (IP) and sensitive information?
All IP generated is owned by the client. If the project entails dealing with sensitive information, all ITPs and Envisioning Labs consultants shall sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 


Who are these ITPs (Internationally-Trained Professionals)?
ITPs are new immigrants from around the world with undergraduate and graduate degrees coupled with 7+ years of working experience (normally 10+ years).  Candidates considered for this program are pre-selected by our program partners: ISS of BC and MOSAIC.


Where can I see testimonials of past projects?
We have some video testimonials of people who participated in our program in our YouTube channel.


When does the program start?
The program is an ongoing initiative; we normally run run 1 cohort per month.


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