How much does this training cost? 
Nothing for Internationally-Trained Professionals (ITPs).


Do I get compensated for my work designing a solution?
Yes. We pay ITPs $500 to $600 per project, depending on the company we work for. Bear in mind that while this is a *paid* training in innovation techniques to boost your employability, you will still be required to deliver professional results. The ultimately goal of the program is for you to get your first professional Canadian job experience (and hopefully a good reference letter as well).


So, I will be designing a solution while I’m learning a new innovation methodology?
Yes. This is a hands-on workshop that teaches how to find innovation opportunities and along the way building a proof of concept of a new product or service. You get to work side by side with company’s employees as an innovation team providing fresh perspectives to some of the company’s problems. 


Do I need to be qualified in any particular area?
No. The innovation methodology we teach thrives on having multidisciplinary professionals as they contribute their own individual ideas and perspectives (based on your professional expertise and international experience). The basic qualifications we seek in candidates for this program are: a university degree, a minimum English level of 7 based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB), and at least 6 years of professional experience. 


What about any intellectual property that we create during the project?
All intellectual property generated during this program belongs to the company.


Do I need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?
Very likely, however it will ultimately depend on the company we work for. 


Where can I see testimonials of past projects?
We have some video testimonials of people who participated in our program in our YouTube channel.


When does the program start?
The program is an ongoing initiative; we normally run 1 cohort per month.


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