We analyze and visualize how your products and services will be consumed and experienced in the future, how emerging technologies may be utilized to create more innovative offerings, and how your organization can beat disruption by exploiting these same technologies.

Envisioning is our process for helping you understand what to build. When considering new products or services, deciding what to focus on and build represents the highest uncertainty yet most critical stage of any innovation activity. More and more organizations are turning to open innovation approaches to gain the broad perspective needed to know what to build. This ranges from learning what technology to use to solve a particular problem, all the way to identifying promising new market strategies.

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Sometimes the best way to evaluate an idea is to experience it. We help our clients design valuable experiences that can uncover insights into potential innovations. Engage your clients, employees or tap into our innovation community in these controlled experiments. 

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We provide detailed analyses of future trends and how they will affect consumer behaviour and technology/innovation adoption. Our consultants speciality is the extrapolation of technology vectors to identify opportunities for business growth.

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Secure buy-in from key stakeholders by showing how a new product or service will be experienced. Video is one of the most powerful tools to influence action and present the future of an innovation before even building it.


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