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Technology Trends 2019

  • SFU Venture Labs 555 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC, V6B 4N5 Canada (map)

As part of the Vancouver Startup Week, join us this Sep 27 for the re-launch of the Vancouver Innovation Labs. We never went away, but we’ve been dormant for quite some time. What better way to reconnect than by doing what we do best: a session of forward-looking scenarios and the ensuing discussions of key emerging technologies and fringe scientific discoveries that are poised to disrupt establishing industries, business models and generate long-term impact innovations.

We’ll be talking about specific technology examples in 3 horizons + 1:

• Horizon 1: Technology happening now
• Horizon 2: Near future (10-20 years)
• Horizon 3: Distant future (20+ years)
• Ghost Tech: Fringe science/tech

We’ll run the classics: crypto, IoT, big data and some of the more esoteric newcomers :) : internet of DNA, shape-shifting matter, asteroid mining and others.

Also, we will have a surprise activity.

Don’t miss out!

Cliff Edwards (Chief Innovation Officer) and Oscar Malpica (CEO) from Envisioning Labs to lead the discussion.

Oscar Malpica, M.A.Sc.
Oscar is an innovation management professional with 15 years of experience in several industries including IT, manufacturing, sustainability, government, NGOs and technology startups. He has led projects that have converted physical, customer-facing experiences into the digital world with clients and end users that include the HTC Group, Microsoft, Louis Vuitton and Lamborghini. He is a former Microsoft manager that has designed and led corporate innovation initiatives for large organizations. Oscar is the founder and CEO of Envisioning Labs, an innovation and emerging technologies consulting firm in Vancouver, and founder of the Vancouver Innovation Labs, a grass-roots community of innovators in Canada’s Lower Mainland. Through Envisioning Labs he has worked with clients that include the City of Vancouver, the Government of British Columbia, Canada’s Network of Excellence (GRAND), Ocean Networks Canada, MOSAIC of BC and Seaspan to name a few. Oscar holds a Master’s degree in Applied Science from the University of Toronto.

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Cliff Edwards, B.Eng.
Cliff is an 18-time global innovation challenge award winner in multiple domains and Innocentive's 2016 and 2017 Global Top Solver. A former manager and researcher at McKesson Corporation, one of Fortune’s Top 5 companies, and the world’s largest health information technology enterprise (IT divisions are now under Change Healthcare). For over two decades, Cliff has been heavily involved in R&D and innovation, translating technological advances and customer insights into award-winning products and services. Cliff authored several granted US patents in human-machine interaction and has a deep seated interest in applying smart technology to help solve humanity's greatest challenges. He has been involved with other local and international innovators in developing a variety of socially impactful projects ranging from ambitious sustainability endeavours to envisioning services projecting the future of a number of industries. Cliff has a B.Eng. in Computer Engineering from the University of Victoria.

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