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Transformative Technologies - Designing for the Invisible™️: The Secret World Inside You

  • BrainStation #400 - 455 Granville Street Vancouver, BC, V6C 1T1 Canada (map)

Our friends at the Transformative Technology (TT) community are hosting another series on TransTech at the end of this month. This month, the TT community have brought together a panel of passionate entrepreneurs and innovators in the TT space to talk about how gut health, microbiome, nutrition are connected with mental health, physical health, and emotional wellbeing. Also, our friends have prepared a showcase of technologies for you to interact with.

From discovering your internal age with just your fingertip to managing pain and anxiety through sound alone, get your senses ready for an immersive evening of exploring some of the many technologies and innovations that are happening in this space of mental health, physical health, and emotional wellbeing.

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Sarah Goodman
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at VitalSines

Sarah, a serial entrepreneur with a background in marketing, nutrition, and fitness began working with her father six years ago to build and commercialize their first product. Today, VitalSines's flagship device, iHeart Internal Age™—a fingertip device that calculates your internal age based on aortic stiffness—is shipped all across the world. iHeart is able a predict a person's cardiovascular health and lifespan in a mere 30 seconds.

Dr. Mark Nazemi
Co-Founder & Sound Designer at to:Resonate

Discussing the neuroscience of music and Physical properties of Music vs Physiological Effects

Mark Nazemi has over 20 years of experience in music creation and sound research. He completed his PhD at the Pain Studies lab at Simon Fraser University working with some of the world leading researchers in the field of psychoacoustics, neuroscience, and pain management. His contribution to understanding sound for anxiety and pain management has been internationally recognized through publications and awards from Kaiser Permanente, Simon Fraser University, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Artech, and many more. He's the co-founder of to:Resonate and the Education Lead for Pain BC.

Dr. Anthony Marotta & Colleagues
Co-Founder at Peqish

Discussing Gut Health, Microbiome and Nutrition

Dr. Marotta is a clinical scientist and serial entrepreneur in the BC life sciences sector. Marotta served as the Chief Scientific Officer of Augurex Life Sciences Corp from 2006 to 2017 where he was responsible for the advancement of the company's innovative blood testing platforms for the management of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Marotta completed his PhD in 2002 in Experimental Medicine at UBC. As a clinically trained scientist and a serial entrepreneur, Dr. Marotta realized that diet has a profound impact on the health and wellness of society. With this interest, the leadership team at Peqish set out to work with chefs, clinicians and like-minded scientists to provide consumers with great quality food that the team feels is better for you.

Dr. Caroline Coombs

Dr. Caroline Coombs, ND is a naturopathic physician with a focus in chronic pain and mental health. After completing her undergraduate degree in microbiology, she became fascinated by the many ways in which microorganisms that inhabit the digestive tract affect human health. In addition to her family practice, she runs a series of group medical visits for the Mood Disorders Association of BC, called "Food as Medicine." The program empowers patients to heal from depression and anxiety using evidence-based, non-pharmacological interventions like nutrition, sleep, meditation, exercise, and strategies that encourage a healthy microbiome.

Dr. Bill Salh
Member of CAG, AGA, ACG and ECCO.

Trained in Internal Medicine in Hull, Manchester and London, UK, as well as Gastroenterology in Vancouver, Canada. Research interests include signaling pathways in colonic inflammation and cancer. Participating in several clinical trials in inflammatory bowel disease. Involved in teaching undergraduate medical students, residents and fellows, in addition to graduate students in the UBC Experimental Medicine program.


The Transformative Technology (TT) community is the largest global community of entrepreneurs and innovators leveraging tech to expand human joy and possibility. Their mandate is to gather, connect, and inspire the global community in order to stimulate the development of scalable transformative technologies. They exist to help Transformative Tech entrepreneurs and innovators succeed - by helping them find feedback, funding and friends. If you are working on medically and scientifically validated technologies to support mental health, emotional wellbeing, and/or human thriving, then be sure to check them out!

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Remember to use the gift code: VIL to get a $10 dollar discount from the regular ticket price.