Envisioning Labs wins Innovative Solutions Canada’s 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Challenge

We are delighted to announce that Envisioning Labs Inc. has been awarded a contract with the Government of Canada to develop an innovative solution for the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) as part of Innovative Solutions Canada’s 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Challenge.

This project will seek to develop a proof of concept for metal powder bed additive manufacturing devices that will determine powder densities when layered for a 3D-printed object.

"This is a great opportunity to put our two main principles to work in a highly visible project: 'we build innovations that matter' and 'innovation by collaboration'. We are thrilled at the prospect of advancing the frontiers of Additive Manufacturing and the resulting positive impacts of doing so. Thank you, NRC, for betting on Canadian innovation explorers!”

- Oscar Malpica, Envisioning Labs CEO

As part of the ongoing Industry 4.0 revolution, additive manufacturing has become a strategic pillar in accelerating industrial innovations in a wide range of industries. This innovation is expected to boost key functionalities of existing devices by allowing the production of more robust, versatile and custom-engineered 3D pieces. 

We commend the Government of Canada for encouraging innovation exploration and adoption from domestic small and medium businesses. We consider this practice to be of utmost strategic importance to the development and commercialization of Canadian IP that will subsequently help advance the country's standing in this new era of the knowledge economy.

“The precision test equipment we are creating will be a valuable addition in the advancement of metal additive manufacturing. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in Innovative Solutions Canada's new competitive model for offering innovation challenges and contracting with firms like ours to deliver innovations."

- Cliff Edwards, Envisioning Labs CInO

Envisioning Labs has partnered with one of Vancouver’s preeminent engineering and design firms, MistyWest, for the mechanical engineering design of the initial proof of concept.

Oscar Malpica