Innovation Training for International Entrepreneurs

Envisioning Labs training entrepreneurs.jpg

In early January, Envisioning Labs was invited to kick start the Global Startup School (GSS), a new international entrepreneurship program by Tamwood International College. In just one month, we had taught the essence of the innovation and business design process to a group of international students via a four-week, project-driven course, titled Innovation and Business Ideation.

It's worth mentioning that most of the students arrived to Canada literally a week before the class began. Despite this fact, we challenged the students, over the course of four weeks, to:

  • work together in teams,
  • ideate a new business concept,
  • meet face-to-face with potential customers to validate their concepts,
  • prototype and test their concepts,
  • create a minimum viable product,
  • iterate and evolve their concepts based on their findings, and
  • present their business concepts and findings to a panel of industry professionals.

Needless to say, there were a lot of hands-on learning for the students - both academic and cultural. Judging by their reactions, however, it was a rewarding journey for them.

Although an intense month of learning and applying innovation and business design, this is only the beginning for our courageous students. The GSS is designed to be a one year program. In other words, this is only the first month of a 12 months entrepreneurship program for our students. In the following months, they will be diving into the various areas that they had touched on in January with other instructors.

For Envisioning Labs, this is another jewel to add in our international engagement treasure box.