We are semi-finalists!: #DisruptMining Innovation Challenge by Goldcorp

Really glad to report that we are one of the two Canadian semi-finalists in this year’s open innovation contest Disrupt Mining organized by Goldcorp and KPMG.

According to Goldcorp: “Now in it’s third year, #DisruptMining aims to encourage new ideas, spawn new technologies, and generate new opportunities to tackle the mining industry’s most vexing challenges.”

And we couldn’t find a more vexing challenge to focus our efforts than figuring out how to get rid of toxic mining waste while a the same time produce clean energy. Our idea revolves around an innovative concept to reuse mine tailings (the ore waste of mines) to create concentrated solar power reflectors; these reflectors are then subsequently utilized to generate clean energy in solar farms as well as to produce sorbents – materials that can absorb liquids or gases – to reduce pollution.

We are gearing up to go to Toronto on March 3rd to present our proposal, connect with professionals in the mining industry and meet fellow innovators.

Wish us luck! :)

Oscar Malpica