What's this Envisioning thing?

Envisioning Labs is not only sporting a new face, it does so with a more streamlined value proposition. We are now having only 3 main services: envisioning services, R&D and innovation training. 

The idea is to follow the process of an innovation: you start from the end. No, seriously. What many people call backcasting, we call it 'envisioning'. Starting at a point where your idea is already at work solving problems, making life easier or having a positive impact. That visualization that you have in your head, we make it real. Then it's all about rolling up the sleeves and getting to work on building the innovation (within a controlled risk framework). The latest offering, training, is somehow independent of the other two but indispensable if an organization is looking to explore uncharted territory with constrained budgets and tight resources.


Oscar Malpica