What happens when you put together a bunch of really curious people with emerging technology expertise and knowledge of innovation methodologies? You have a fun collection of projects, experiments and stories.


This is how we help organizations innovate.

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Innovations exist in the minds of inventors, entrepreneurs and risk-takers before they see the light. We help these pioneers bring those ideas a little closer to the real world.

Envisioning Labs Poverty Reduction

Poverty Reduction

Vancouver 2025

Envisioning Labs was commissioned by the Mayor of the City of Vancouver to identify and propose technological solutions to reduce urban poverty by 75% by 2025 as part of their 10-year plan "Healthy City for All" strategy. We ran an innovation workshop with city staff, subject matter experts and the local community that resulted in a total of nine proposals that were submitted to the City for consideration. These proposals included developing new financial tools for marginalized communities, mobile apps for job tracking, shared community and financial mentorship programs and even using digital currencies for poverty alleviation.

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Climate Change

A New Economy

As part of an open innovation challenge to mitigate the negative effects of sea level rise and climate change, we developed a mathematical algorithm that assigns a tradable risk currency to real estate properties that are expected to be submerged, affected by floods or become coastline. Our team proposed the core principles of a new economy anchored on speculative trading of cryptocurrencies pegged to submergence risk factors as a direct consequence of sea level rise. 

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Future of 3D Printing

Metal Additive Manufacturing in Canada

Envisioning Labs was contracted by RUSAL, a world leader in aluminum production, to generate an Envisioning Report documenting the status of an emerging technology currently disrupting several manufacturing industries: metal 3D Printing. This report documented the current status of metal additive manufacturing, the likely scenarios for investment in the short to medium term, research and innovation landscape in this space, and the commercialization and business growth opportunities in the Canadian market.

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See some examples of prototypes, proof of concepts and projects we have developed for organizations seeking to build innovations that matter.

Envisioning Labs Business Cases Backgrounds Luxury in the Cloud

Cloud Computing

Luxury in the Cloud

Luxury brands like Lamborghini and Louis Vuitton use our client’s technology to create samples that used to take up to a month to produce. We developed a cloud-based platform that allows any user with little or no training to build online prototypes and preview final products in real time. The solution was able to cut down prototyping times by 80% as users were creating, tweaking and visualizing the samples themselves before committing to production.

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Capturing CO2

Our consultants have performed a deep dive into technologies supporting sustainable development, identifying gaps where targeted development could lead to significant impact. Selecting one gap, the need for negative CO2 emissions to meet global CO2 reduction and global warming mitigation targets, we envisioned distributed commercial and ultimately residential building based CO2 direct air capture as part of a comprehensive CO2 waste management system. Research and engineering prototyping are ongoing in collaboration with the University of British Columbia.

Envisioning Labs Business Cases beluga speak

Artificial Intelligence

Understanding Beluga Speak

In this exciting project, we had the opportunity to work with researchers and media creatives of the Vancouver Aquarium to develop a prototype of an artificial intelligence speech recognition software for beluga whale vocalization. This customized software powered by an in-house developed, artificial intelligence algorithm was able to transcribe basic sounds emitted by the mammals into visualizations that the public could interact with.

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Exoskeleton Robots

Our consultants assisted a client in the identification of a novel energy harvesting method for a rehabilitative exoskeleton worn by people with limited walking or running capability. This involved surveying the current state of the art, identifying the core physical principles of motion and energy involved, ideating and filtering potential solutions to obtain the best result, and documenting the solution in the proposal.

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From multidisciplinary ideation sessions for small communities to full-fledged innovation training workshops for multinationals. Innovation is an art that can and should be mastered. Here are some stories with organizations that trusted us.


A New Kind of Innovation Lab

Our consultants assisted in the establishment of the first Innovation Lab for Customer Support in one of the largest software companies in the world. The project involved the design, implementation and deployment of an internal innovation entity that collected ideas from 8,000 employees worldwide. We were involved in setting up the mechanisms for curating, triaging, prototyping and deploying proof of concepts for new products and product features.

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Customer Support


Innovation for the Oceans

Ocean Networks Canada commissioned Envisioning Labs to facilitate an innovation workshop aimed at improving the efforts of marine monitoring and ocean wildlife protection. We hosted training sessions with marine biologists, software developers, researchers, designers and a variety of members of the Vancouver Innovation Labs. The resulting ideas and prototypes ranged from live gamification of shark monitoring to crowdsourced harmonization of research data.

Envisioning Labs Business Cases Marine Monitoring

Crowdsourced Innovation


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