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Quantum Computing - Commercial and Industrial Applications

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Quantum computing, while still in its infancy it is rapidly becoming democratized with “Quantum-computing as a service” online platforms like LEAP, where anybody can access some ‘quantum computing time’ with minimum coding requirements. During the talk we learned what type of problems quantum computing is suitable to solve and how different organizations around the world are embracing this technology and applying it to solve their optimization problems.

Starting in 1999, D-Wave has been one of the frontrunners of this technology and a proud Canadian (and BC!) icon offering their state-of-the-art computers to tech powerhouses like Google, NASA and Lockheed Martin.

Thank you everyone for joining the second session of the Vancouver Corporate Innovation Group featuring D-Wave’s VP of Technology, Jeremy Hilton. Big shout-out to our partners BDO for hosting the event in their headquarters and for providing the food and drinks. A special thanks to Ken Bell from BDO for once again providing the door prize.

Access Jeremy’s full presentation below:



Among the participants who came this evening, we have individuals from a variety of industries and backgrounds representing the following organizations.

  • Translink

  • Seaspan

  • IEEE

  • MistyWest

  • Nest

  • UBC

  • Innovate BC

  • BDO

  • Innovate BC

  • Seastar Solutions

  • Bowman Technologies

  • LFG Advisory

  • Mitacs

  • Onica

  • Tenex Leaders

  • Island Health

  • Alvana Business Consulting

  • PPM Cloud Computing



Envisioning Labs Quantum Computing Ideation Dashboard.jpg



  • AI: Generic algorithms

  • Explore multidimensional genetic space with quantum annealing

  • Shipping vessel fuel optimization

  • Can you accelerate back propagation


  • Machine learning: medical image interpretation. i.e does this x-ray show pneumonia?

  • Environmental assessment ahead of mining exploration

  • Satellite imaging, with 3D simulation, GIS and topographical analysis

  • Improve weather forecasting algorithms

  • Medical diagnosis forward, machine learning

  • Optimal routing for BLE mesh networks


  • Connecting people with custom solutions to revert climate change



  • Individualized medicine


  • Generative CAD models

  • Weather analysis + predictions

  • Earthquake analysis + predictions

  • Financial markets

  • Matchmaking for dating apps, find the most ideal match based on user data and behaviour

New Business Models

  • Optimal urban freight/deliveries



  • Robot army (!)


  • Policy on air pollution based on emissions hot spots

  • Traffic optimization with automated vehicles

  • Solving string theory

  • Solving the problems to make Fusion Energy available

New Business Models

  • Build new city “optimization”, urban structure, transport, everything


  • Earthquake warning

  • Video game graphics/game engine for complex & generated live


Eventually we will use Quantum Computing to optimize Quantum Computing
— Jeremy Hilton, D-Wave's VP of Technology


Thank you for participating and we hope to see you in the next session of the Vancouver Corporate Innovation Group!